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We also design built-in outdoor kitchens. What we provide for our homeowners is that we  install built-in cabinets into outdoor kitchens but we do just the actual cabinet portion of it. We do not provide the grill or the doors or any of the appliances. We’re going to install whatever that homeowner provides for the outdoor kitchen design, the appliance and other items are very “taste-specific” to each homeowner, so you would provide the grill, you would provide the doors, any refrigerator, or anything like that that would be installed into the design.

Enhance Your Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets with Stucco, Brick, Stone With Flagstone or Granite Countertops for Every Budget

Now the other thing is the countertop. You're looking for a flagstone countertop, which is my personal favorite, it matches the outdoor aesthetic, that’s something we do include. But if you are looking to do granite countertop or some sort of quartz countertop, you would actually meet with a company that cuts these countertops and installs them. We’re going to build the cabinet and then you would have them actually install the countertop after the fact. Most granite yards, when you go and pick out a slab, they're gonna want to cut it and install it anyway due to liability.

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Outdoor Kitchen Design with Faux Stone
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Questions to consider when building a new deck

Questions to consider when building a new deck

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Create Stylish Cooking Space With Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets, Countertops & Incorporated Smokers

We install built-in kitchens both on top of concrete patios as well as decks, but if you're wanting to have one on a deck, keep in mind that the deck has to be framed specifically to be able to support that weight. We can do Brick, Faux Stone or Stucco for your Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets. We can also install Flagstone countertops on outdoor kitchen designs. Historically as we have done outdoor kitchens, we have had most homeowners have gone with some sort of granite countertop or solid surface countertop, which is certainly a good option but we don’t provide those. You would go to a granite yard and you would pick out a slab and have them measure them, cut it and actually have them install it.

If you’re looking for a flagstone countertop, it matches the outdoor aesthetic, which is great and with a flagstone countertop, this is something that we are able to include with our grill cabinet installs and the reason that is, you’ve only got a couple of options. If you’re thinking of granite, there are so many different options and you’re going to want to go to the yard and pick it out. But with flagstone, virtually you’re dealing with either a buff flagstone or a red flagstone. These are both quarried locally out of Colorado, Arizona or New Mexico and are in ready supply.

Is stucco good for outdoor kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens can benefit from the use of stucco cabinets. Stucco is a cement plaster application with a textured finish that is resistant to heat and won't mold. It has an attractive, low-key look that will last for decades and is a cost-effective option for your outdoor kitchen.

Now the last consideration is what sort of material do we face this with, now depending on whether it’s on a patio or if it’s on a deck, we’re going to build the cabinet out of either steel frame and concrete board or cinder block. But we face it typically to match the aesthetic of your home. So if home is stucco, we typically do stucco, or if your home has brick or faux stone somewhere on it, we’ll do that, but often the homeowner will choose to go with something as a contrast. Their home is stucco, so they’ll have us to a brick cabinet or if their home is brick, so they'll have us do a stucco cabinet.

How thick should a slab be for an outdoor kitchen?

Bring your outdoor kitchen to life with Faux Stone Cabinets! Our durable concrete pouring is ideal for outdoor patios with an outdoor kitchen, with a concrete slab thickness of at least four inches. We know that sometimes thicker slabs are necessary, but usually 4 inches is the perfect thickness. For maximum strength, we recommend making the perimeter of the slab an inch or two thicker.

Now, the other thing that we don’t do, is that we don't actually run the gas line. We put you in direct contact with the company that we would recommend to do that. The reason is that, over the last 5 or 6 years, it has become increasingly more expensive to run a gas line and so it's always going to be a little bit more affordable for us to let you work directly with the gas company.

What is the ROI on an outdoor kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens are a great investment for homeowners that can yield extremely high returns. Reports have shown that an outdoor kitchen can increase the value of your home by up to 200% - an impressive return on investment. Homeowner surveys have consistently revealed that an outdoor kitchen can add significant value to your home. Therefore, making the decision to invest in an outdoor kitchen may prove to be a wise decision that can pay off in the future in terms of increased home value. Not only can you enjoy the benefits of an outdoor kitchen today, but you can also look forward to the potential of increased home value in the future.

Today more than ever, outdoor kitchens are more popular and many customers are incorporating smokers and fire pits into these outdoor kitchens. Over the last 10 years, I would say smokers have become increasingly more and more important as more people have become able to cook more meals at home and get the amazing smoker cooking options, since they not only do meat but also, pizza, smores and desserts. There are some photos linked here around this video, and they’re going to include not just the more popular Traeger type smokers, but also the Green Eggs, or any other type smoker or grilling appliance like that, anything that doesn’t require some sort of a gas line connection.

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